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Sundial Pools is the leading custom pool builder in Metro Atlanta.  From pool design to pool service we will build you the best pool.


Our company offers Aquamatic built in automatic pool covers that make your pools safer and keep the cleaner and warmer.



Pools, decking and plumbing repairs  are available to you from Sundial.  Our experience will help you to fix your pool problems.



Sundial Pools offers weekly and bi-weekly pool cleanings. We open and close pools as well. Give Jimi a call to learn more. 770-773-0841

5 steps to choosing a pool builder...

1. Office / Design Center - Always make sure your pool builder has a location.  Too many times, especially since covid, we hear from clients who chose a pool builder becasue they had a good sales pitch... only to never finish the pool and we get called to finish the project. 

2. Pool References - Go and look at and meet with owner's of pools the builder has actually built.  If they they are unable show you pools they have built - RUN!  Sundial alwsays offers to take prospective clients to see some of our pool projects and meet the homeowners and talk with them. 

3. Reviews - Check out google reviews.  An established pool builder will have a google account and it will show their office location, phone, and of course the reviews.  

4. Service Department - While the pool construction is the most important thing to you as a client... the first 30 days after a pool build are the most important to the actual pool.  A builder who does not have a service department and subs out the work can use this to push blame off on them if there are issues.  Quality pool builders will have a service department to handle the startup and curing of the pool as well as giving the clients a Pool School to learn to operate their pool equipment. 

5. Construction Team - Make sure your pool builder is really a pool builder and not a GC who subs out all of their work.  Sundial does our own desings, pool digs, plumbing, stone work, and grading, pebble brush and balances, and startups... in-house.

Follow these 5 suggestions and it will greatly reduce the chance of getting a dead beat pool builder. Come to our design center and check things out and meet our team at Sundial Pools!


Variable speed pumps are the most energy efficient pumps on the market and deliver huge energy savings from one season to the next.

Save up to $1500 on energy costs versus single-speed pumps

Engineered to last longer than traditional pumps

Starting July 18, 2021, pumps will be required to meet new energy conservation standards set by the Department of Energy. The most important measure for these new regulations will be a pump’s weighted energy factor (WEF). Similar to miles per gallon for a car, the efficiency of a pump can be measured in WEF—the higher the WEF, the more efficient the pump. The good news? Variable Speed pumps are already compliant with these regulations.